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2017 Grade Exams

An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha Official Website
June 2, 2017
5:30 - Check In
6:00 - Begin

867 South Blvd.
Pontiac, MI 48341

Grade exams are one way to show your dance proficiency outside of a competitive environment. They aim to ensure that dancers at all levels learn the basics of each dance and that each dancer is given guidance on how to improve their dancing. The exams are different from competitions, as the focus is more on the individual. Feedback is given to each dancer, highlighting their good points as well as the things they need to improve. Credits from the grade exams can be applied toward the solo dance portion of the TCRG and ADCRG examination. Dancers do not need to be regular feis competitors in order to participate in grade exams.

In all there are 12 grades plus a Preliminary Grade. Different dances are specified for each grade. Each grade must be passed before a dancer may attempt the next grade. Up to three grade examinations may be taken at one time. A certificate is awarded for each grade passed. A dancer who passes all twelve grades receives “The Diploma of the Irish Dancing Commission.” 

Talk to your TCRG/ADCRG if you have questions about the grade examinations. Further information can also be found on the An Coimisiun site here

2017 Examiners

Grades 1-10 Rose Kenny ADCRG/BG, of Quincey, MA USA

                       Sharon Whelan MacSweeney ADCRG/BG, of SAN Francisco, CA USA

Grades 11&12  Judy McCafferty SDCRG, of Maumelle, AR USA

2017 Caps 

There is a 40 exam cap on levels 1-10.  The cap is based on total number of exams not competitors.  Once the paid cap is reached, entries will close.

Grades 1-3 - $25
Grades 4-6 - $35

Grades 7-10 - $45

General Examination Rules

  • Exams are limited to THREE. A 3-month period must elapse before the next grade is attempted.

  • Examinees must be examined by at least FOUR different examiners up through Grade 10 (and at least 2 up through Grade 6). It is up to you to ensure that you have the requisite number.

  • Exams must be taken and passed in order. If you pass an exam out of order, An Coimisiun will discard the results.

  • Grades 5-9 include ceili dances from Ar Rinci Fiorne. If there are not enough dancers to dance the ceili dances, the examiner will question the candidate on the dance to assess their knowledge of the dance.

  • Retest policy: If passed, may retake only if approved by CLRG in writing.

  • No fee refunds will be provided. If you do not pass one exam, you cannot take the next. Please do not register for more than one unless you are confident that you are prepared for all.

2017 Date & Start Time

Friday June 2, 2017, 6:00 p.m. Details on the schedule will be posted at a later date and will be emailed to all registered dancers taking the Grade Exams. We will begin with check in at 5:30 pm for Grades 1-3. 

If you have taken Grade Exams before, you MUST bring your competition paperwork from prior grades. Failure to bring the needed documentation from prior passing reports may result in disqualification since candidates must take and pass all grades in order.


Grade 11 and 12 require a special application and approval by CLRG for those candidates to be examined.  This year the Examining Authority is requesting that those applications be submitted before we can be approved and receive the rota to select our examiners.  As a result, we have had to close Grades 11&12 in Detroit to additional candidates based on the number of applications accepted before Feb. 15, 2017. Check in for Grades 11 and 12 will begin at 4:00pm and exams will begin at 4:30. 

We regret the early cutoff at these grades, but there are an increasing number  of interested candidates and the length of time to get CLRG approval and the duration of the exams which need a rota assigned examiner to do them would otherwise be impractical.

Examinations are CLOSED to spectators. Feis staff will enforce this rule. Please do not attempt to observe.

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