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Detroit International Feis
Information and Privacy Policy



The Detroit International Feis (DIF) is a non-profit, family-oriented organization that sponsors an annual competition event for Irish dance, music and arts, which is open to the public. Our web site is designed to assist competitor entries for that event and to provide information to the public on the DIF and its activities.



Providing information to the Feis is strictly voluntary. However, to compete in any event all persons must be registered in accordance with Feis rules. In particular, a competitor (or parent or guardian on a minor competitor's behalf) must provide specific information to us for Feis operation. It will be used to identify competitors and to assign them to the proper events based on age, skill, gender and requested preferences. It will also assist the Entry Secretary in correcting errors or omissions and in responding to questions or entry problems. In addition, contact information may be used by the Feis to notify participants of the following year's competition offerings and venue.

We welcome entries from all competitors who are qualified according to the rules, without regard to race, color, creed, gender, national origin or handicap.

Incomplete Information

Failure to provide all of the requested information may result in elimination from particular events or cancellation of a competitor's registration. The Feis, through its Entry Secretary, will attempt to assist and accommodate all qualified entrants and will advise on the rules for the Feis. However, it is incumbent upon a registrant to provide the requested information if he or she wishes to participate in any Feis event.

Please assist us in providing the proper opportunity for you or your child to perform.


Inaccurate Information


It is the responsibility of each entrant (or parent or guardian, as appropriate) to provide correct information to the Feis. The accuracy of such items as name, date of birth, An Coimisiún le Rinci Gaelacha certified dance school and prior awards is accepted on the honor system, as we do not generally verify them. However, if it comes to the attention of the Feis that important facts about a competitor have been falsified, there is a rule that requires disqualification of that competitor from our Feis and all North American Feis Commission (NAFC) sponsored competitions for a period of one year.

We welcome contacts from registrants to correct any information that they provided (e.g., new home or email address, cancellation of registration, changes in competition eligibility) as needed.

Release of Information

Personal information received from competitors (and/or their parents or guardians) is to be used by the DIF officers and staff to effectively administer the Feis including in the application of its rules. It will not be shared with outside parties except that the Feis may release the following:

1.  The names of winners, their dance schools and the events that they won (including through news releases and on our website.)

2.  Identification information on competitors disqualified for serious rule violations to the NAFC and other Feiseanna.

3.  The names of competitors, the events for which they registered or competed, and the results of their performances to their An Coimisiún certified (TMRF/TCRG/ADCRG) dance teachers.

We respect the right to privacy for you and your children and will continue to provide a family- friendly opportunity that allows everyone to enjoy traditional Irish dance, music and arts competitions.

Privacy Questions/Concerns

If you have any questions about the protection or release of information on you (or your minor child) please contact the Feis Entry Secretary via the DIF website


Last updated: March 2014

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